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Our Capabilities

Manufacturing Assembly Lines (Carbine Road, Auckland)


We undertake our own product design and development.  This includes using integrated Lean Manufacturing across production sites, covering metal fabrication, injection moulding and extrusion, circuit board manufacture and final product assembly. The Lean process minimises waste and maximises product quality, flexibility, delivery and customer satisfaction. The best-practice toolkit, TRACC – a globally recognised means of continual improvement has been implemented across the business. This maximises cost effectiveness, responsiveness to market changes, quality control and R&D outcomes. Through these advanced manufacturing capabilities, Tru-Test Group has also emerged as one of New Zealand’s leading contract manufacturers. We currently run three manufacturing operations in New Zealand and one in North America.


Market specialists and presence

With experienced country-based managers and sales teams in each of our four key markets (NZ, Australia, North America, Latin America) and experienced export market managers serving all other regions, Tru-Test Group is well resourced to meet market demand and manage further global growth. This specialist market knowledge helps us stay connected with key market trends, closely support distribution partners, build strong market relationships and gather valuable insights to feed into business strategy.


Global footprint

Our products are sold in over 130 countries through a network of six global subsidiaries and established distribution partners around the world. Our subsidiaries are located in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, North America, Argentina and Mexico.


New product development

Successful new product development has been central to our success. We design, manufacture and market innovative products that meet changing market demands across the globe. Our R&D team draws from three major engineering disciplines: electronic, embedded software and mechanical, and develops new products in multidisciplinary project teams. The use of common product componentry wherever possible, and a focus on durability, is key to the team’s success, as is our commitment to agile and Lean methodologies which focus us on continuous improvement and delivering real value to our customers.


Supply chain management

We source raw materials and finished goods from around the world through a globally integrated supply chain. Demand management and stock holdings for the company and subsidiaries are managed through our integrated JD Edwards ERP system.


Customer focussed culture

We exist to add greater value to our customer’s lives. Providing tools and solutions to support their success is the basis of our reason for being. We pride ourselves on working alongside our customers to understand what’s required to enable sustainable success and to maximise productivity and profitability. As a result we have a deep seated, customer focussed culture where walking alongside them from idea generation to development, delivery and ongoing support is the vital ingredient of our success.

Technology and innovation

We invest significantly in the research and development of technological innovations that add measurable value to customers, differentiate product offerings and give the company world leadership in key areas of operation. Some examples include;


Weighing and Electronic Identification

Superdamp weighing technology.

The cornerstone of our success in livestock management has been the world-leading Superdamp™ weighing technology, which enables Tru-Test weigh scales to capture and the weight of a moving animal faster than ever before. For over 30 years, we have invested in R&D to perfect the complex algorithms behind this unique feature which competitors have been unable to replicate.

5000 Series Weigh Scale Indicators.

Developed alongside farmers, the 5000 series indicators feature all the important things a customer would need and expect in a recording weigh scale – rugged reliability, accuracy, speed, and data features, but the real innovative brilliance can be seen in the way we’ve brought different technologies together to make it a truly customer focused product.

The unique transflective technology means the screen is visible in all light conditions. Navigation is fast and intuitive, while setup information can be saved and customised to save valuable time. Data transfer is also made easy by having multiple options including USB, direct to PC or by linking to Android or iPhone smart phone app. Fast weighing with Superdamp 4™, the next generation in weighing technology using a complex mathematical algorithm unique to our products.  


Dairy Automation

In-bail identification – herringbone.

For years, the competitive advantage of true in-bail identification has been exclusively accessible to rotary sheds, excluding a large portion of dairy farmers with herringbone sheds from having the ability to identify cows while they are milking, where they are milking.  Having a strong legacy in RFID product development meant we were able to create the first truly in-shed electronic identification antennas for herringbone which achieve previously unobtainable accuracy.

Infrared heat detection.

The ability to accurately identify when a cow is cycling is fundamental to mating and therefore the profitability of dairy farming.  Traditionally, heat detection has been undertaken by farmers monitoring each cow by sight.  Technology has enabled us to take this one step further by using a combination of specialised heat detection patches on each cow, which are then scanned for signs of heat by the infrared scanner guaranteeing steadfast, consistent heat detection in all light conditions.


Milk metering

Unique head design.

Focused R&D led to the iconic Milk Meter head design – the core of the accuracy and reliability for which Tru-Test Milk Meters have been renowned world-wide for over 45 years. This advanced technology enables the most precise and accurate milk sample to be taken during the milking process. Accuracy ensures reliability – the critical factor in proportional milk metering and the reason Tru-Test Group has maintained a global network of loyal customers and the majority of the world market.


Animal containment and pasture management

Cyclic Wave™ technology.

Our Cyclic Wave technology creates an electric fence pulse that travels smoothly and efficiently along the fence wire to the extremities of a farm with minimum energy loss, providing maximum ‘stopping power’ at all points of the fence. This delivers ultimate peace of mind to farmer customers through safe containment of their valuable animal assets.


In 2007 we launched the Unigizer™, a three-in-one energizer that can be powered by mains, battery or solar power, enabling it to be used as part of a permanent or temporary installation. This flexibility is attractive to end-user customers as well as trade partners due to the inventory efficiency and shelf space optimisation of a three-in-one product.