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Milk Meter Solutions

The Tru-Test Group business started in 1964 with the development of the world’s first proportionate flow Milk Meter, designed to capture an accurate sample of milk extracted from a dairy cow during a milking session.

We’ve been the number one brand of choice in the worldwide Milk Meter market for over 45 years and today have 94% of the official world market in portable Milk Meter products, with systems sold in over 50 countries.

Our mechanical and electronic Milk Meters enable the most precise and accurate samples during the milking process, helping farmers and herd associations monitor content for ultimate performance and traceability from farm to laboratory.

A predominantly business-to-business (B2B) area, Tru-Test Group has established strong and enduring relationships with government agencies and national and regional herd testing associations around the world.

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“Today’s dairy producers expect accuracy, which is why AgSource use both Tru-Test Mechanical Milk Meters and Electronic Milk Meters (EMMs). EMM’s are the only way we’ve found that positively ties the cow ID, milk weight and milk sample to that cow to achieve reliable diagnostic test results and management information.”

– Tom DeMuth, Director of DHI Member and Association Services AgSource Cooperative Services