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   George Yerkovich, Tru-Test Area Sales Manager (New Zealand)

Te Hono Bootcamp

A partnership helping to drive the success of the NZ Primary Industry and make Aotearoa, New Zealand a place where our children and their children want to live, work and thrive.

Over the last three years a growing group of New Zealand agribusiness leaders have been exploring a new way of thinking. It started with a belief in the potential of our country, New Zealand, the youngest country in the world, and a group of primary sector businesses. NZ Bootcamp was business led, government partnered and now features a group of influential leaders diverse across business/academia/ government/gender/ethnicity/public sector/private sector.

As New Zealand’s principal growth engine, the primary sector could contribute to the increased prosperity of all New Zealanders. Achieving this prosperity would happen by thinking and doing things differently, adding value - not just lifting our game, but constantly winning games, driving markets, moving up value chains, collaborating, innovating, educating and developing premium products and services based on deep market insights and in partnership with others.



The aspiration of the team is simple, for New Zealand to be recognised by the rest of the world for our natural environment and products, for the openness and ethical values of our people, and the quality of our relations with the rest of the world.

Te Hono comes from a greater concept: Hono Tangata, Hono Whenua, Hono ki te ao – strengthening relationships by linking to the land and connecting to the world.

The Te Hono Bootcamp team, chaired by Greg Muir at Tru-Test Group, is a motivated group of primary sector leaders working on tangible solutions to real problems. Tru-Test Group is delighted to be a part of the Te Hono Bootcamp and play an active part in the ongoing development and success of the NZ primary sector, and country as a whole.