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Electric Fencing Solutions

With four well respected electric fence brands, Tru-Test Group’s extensive fence portfolio supports farmers and producers by ensuring animals are contained and pastures are managed for sustainable, profitable results.

Electric fencing has been a core part of Tru-Test Group’s business since the acquisition of Speedrite, Stafix and PEL electric fence companies in 1996, 1998 and 2001 (respectively).

In more recent years the growing demand from lifestyle farmers and farmers in emerging markets saw us develop the popular Patriot range of electric fencing, which is now sold across Australia, North America, Latin America and Europe.

Tru-Test Group’s electric fence brands deliver a full range of energizer and accessory products for use in permanent and temporary electric fencing. Widely regarded as a safe and economical solution, common applications include; pasture management, animal containment, protection of game animals and the exclusion of pests from urban or crop areas.

Tru-Test Group’s global market presence in electric fencing has been built on world class product innovation, a constant focus on quality and reliability, and executing a robust global distribution strategy that maximises the potential of the multiple brand offer and delivers real value to channel partners and end user farmers and producers in over 130 countries.

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“Putting in a electric fence was one of the best business decisions we ever made. We now harvest fields that previously were too damaged from deer and hogs for us to get a crop. Plus, the fence has helped us to achieve the maximum benefit from our seed, chemical, and fertilizer inputs. In fact, the fence easily paid for itself within the first year.”

- Johnny and Crawford Henry, Cotton and Peanut Growers (United States of America)