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Dairy Automation Solutions

The Tru-Test Dairy Automation solution is the only modular system currently available in New Zealand. This offers dairy farmers a range of entry points into dairy automation, which is increasingly seen as a key performance tracking and decision making component to successful management of modern dairy operations, especially those with large herds.

Providing fast, accurate information 24/7 via an online herd management tool, modules include Drafting, EID herd tracking, Walk over Weighing, Heat Detection, In-bail Feed Control and Identification for Rotary and Herringbone operations.

Tru-Test Group continues to invest in delivering innovative dairy automation solutions and world class support services to the dairy industry.

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Currently available in NZ

“Automation has completely changed the way we farm. I like to be in control and have things how I want them so we’ve styled the way we use MiHub for our farm. This way we make the best use of the resources we’ve got because we are in the business of farming for profit.”

– Kerry Waters, Farm Manager  (Taranaki, New Zealand)